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Welcome to BinBinCleaned Inc.

Alberta’s premier wheelie bin cleaning service.

Starting today let BinBinCleaned keep all your wheelie bins clean, sanitized, smelling fresh, and free of any and all bugs.

Throughout the spring and summer months, your wheelie bins slowly become contaminated from the heat. This happens to everyone and every wheelie bin over time.

From something as simple as garbage starting to attract bugs to mold and bacteria growth. We have all seen it and more on point we have all smelt it.

BinBinCleaned’s convenient curbside service which follows your existing garbage and recycling schedules will help you stay on top of this challenge.

One of our friendly knowledgeable staff will come to your home in one of our custom designed trucks and clean and sanitize your wheelie bins for you.

BinBinCleaned puts an end to contaminated, smelly, moldy, bacteria ridden, and pest infested wheelie bins! Simple as that.

BinBinCleaned Alberta's Premier Wheelie Bin Cleaners

BinBinCleaned Alberta’s Premier Wheelie Bin Cleaners

BinBinCleaned | Truck Holding Wheelie Bins


“I was so happy when I first learned about this business. I have spent every summer since St. Albert incorporated the bins struggling with the smell, flies and MAGGOTS from our compost. I can remember many times over the years sitting outside patiently wait for the truck that picks up the bins, maybe if could show them how gross my bin was they would drop me off a new one?? I gave up on cleaning them because they were too deep to clean properly and anything strong enough to really clean the bin…where would I dump that?”


“The team at BinBinCleaned was fabulous and I’ve already booked my next visit with their online system”

Carmal Huppie
St. Albert, AB


I have been fighting with the smell and disgusting nature of my trash bins and was so relieved when I got BINBINCLEANED’s flyer. I was amazed at how easy it was to sign up and get my service scheduled. When I came home to my bin after it was clean, it was like night and day, the smell was gone and years of gross build up had vanished.


Beaumont, AB


What an amazing service. I was so tired of trying to clean my bins myself. BinBinCleaned got my wheelie bins clean and fresh. Now I don’t cringe when I have to put my trash out.


St. Albert, AB


WOW… I couldn’t believe the difference. The first time I placed my trash in the wheelie bin after it had been cleaned I couldn’t believe the fresh smell that had replaced the old foul odor. I am now addicted to having a clean bin and look forward to my regular monthly service.


Spruce Grove, AB

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