4 Reasons to Hire Professional Calgary Garbage Cart Cleaning

Calgary Garbage Cart Cleaning

In the spring, summer and fall we can experience some wonderfully warm days. Warm weather is something we really enjoy, but it can make a stinky mess of your compost and garbage carts. While your rotting trash and organics sit in the heat, the icky contents of these bins will start to rot and reek. Not only is this very unpleasant, the bacteria that can grow inside can be hazardous to your family and pets.

Professional Calgary garbage cart cleaning can take care of this reeking issue for you. Some homeowners might want to try the DIY approach, but not only is that a disgusting job that no one in your family is going to line up for, it is also very ineffective in getting those green, blue and black garbage carts clean, disinfected and fresh.

Here are 4 reasons to hire a pro for garbage cart cleaning:

1. DIY cart cleaning is ineffective!

Spraying your garbage bin out with your garden hose will prove ineffective in blasting off that stuck-on grime and slime. Even household pressure washers are no match to the 360-degree jets that we have on our Calgary garbage cart cleaning trucks. When BinBinCleaned comes to clean your carts, we use only fresh water, not recycled water like some other companies, sprayed at such a force that no gunk will remain inside your carts.

2. Only very hot water will kill bacteria!

Meat scraps, spoiled dairy, egg shells, dog doo-doo and other garbage is ridden with bacteria. E. Coli, Salmonella, Listeria could all be transferred from waste and contaminate your cart. Spraying out the cart with icy cold water, or recycled water, will not kill that harmful bacteria. When you hire Calgary garbage cart cleaning from BinBinCleaned, your bins will be engulfed with hot water heated at 190 degrees Fahrenheit. No bacteria can survive that! Learn more about the harmful bacteria that is living in your bins.

3. You can’t rinse bleach or other cleaning chemicals down the gutter!

Municipal bylaws in Calgary state that you can not rinse pollutants, including bleach and other chemicals, down the storm drainage system. That means you will have to dump your garbage cart cleaning bleach water on your law or remove it from your property for disposal. Failure to comply with these bylaws could result in a fine from $75 to $10,000! Skip the inconvenience and hire us! All the dirty water is collected in our trucks hopper, removed from your home and disposed of properly.

4. Garbage Cart Cleaning is gross!

It’s a dirty job…but we don’t mind doing it! Not only DIY cart cleaning ineffective in killing bacteria and getting rid of 100% of the sludge in there, it’s also a yucky job that no one wants to do. Save yourself the mess and the time by hiring the pros at BinBinCleaned.

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