Spring Cleaning!
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It’s very messy and gross.

Washing bins yourself makes a big mess. Pressure washing yourself get spray back all over you and your property, not to mention most people don’t have where to dump the leftovers from cleaning.

It’s not safe.

These bins contain various types of disgusting harmful bacteria, don’t make your family members or pets sick. Our operators and equipment are designed to handle this.

It’s illegal.

Since most water dumped on streets ends up in stormwater ponds or man-made lakes, all towns and municipalities have very steep fines if you’re caught cleaning and dumping the contents of your bin onto the streets.


We don’t recycle water!

You don’t shower, wash your dishes or even your car with dirty water, why would you wash your bins with the same water that washed hundreds of other people’s bins, that’s gross.

Imagine what people put in their bins, that’s what yours is getting washed with when you go with the competition.

The other guys market it as environmentally friendly but we don’t buy it!  It’s just a label for not having to incur the extra cost and time of dumping and refilling several times throughout the day.

How do they even call that “cleaning”?  It’s a dirty rinse at best!!!

BinBinCleaned is the ONLY company in Alberta that solely washes with FRESH HOT water, our system is so efficient we use very little, and don’t spread other clients bacteria and mess to your bins like the other guys.  This makes us indeed environmentally responsible while providing a far superior service.


Cleaned and Sanitized by BinBinCleaned

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Rants and Raves

No more taking a deep breath and holding it while putting my organics in the big green bin… we had never cleaned our bin in the few years we’ve had it (Airdrie), and there wasn’t even a whiff if odor after the first clean. Well worth the price and great customer service too! Thank you!

Alison Clavelle

This afternoon the BinBin truck was cleaning my neighbor’s green bin. I went out to chat with the gentleman about getting mine cleaned. He asked how I’d heard about them and I told him I’d seen the Facebook ads. He cleaned it for me right then! It is super clean now and no more stink!!!

Ashley Rivard