Best Time for Wheelie Bin Cleaning

When is the best time for wheelie bin cleaning?

Even if you keep your wheelie bins in the shade, they have still been sitting out in the sweltering heat all summer long. Rotting garbage and compost makes the best environment for bacteria to grow and, disgustingly enough, the perfect home for creepy pests like maggots! Not only is this gross, it is also very stinky and unpleasant. If you can smell your dirty wheelie bins as you walk towards your house or if your kids refuse to take out the trash because they’re blasted with that rank smell every time they open the bin lid…it is time to have them cleaned!

We match your wheelie bin waste pick-up schedule.

Obviously, the best time to clean your wheelie bins is right after garbage and compost pick up. When you schedule a wheelie bin cleaning with BinBinCleaned online, we ask you to select what type of bin you need cleaned (garbage, compost or recycling) and then enter when your waste is scheduled for pick up. We will arrive to clean out your wheelie bins, usually the next morning, but within 36 hours of your waste being picked up.

BinBinCleaned will do a run once a month in each area following their garbage schedule.  In some cases we can fit in last minute orders or even orders that fall outside of the regular schedule if our team is working nearby. If you would like to schedule a last-minute wheelie bin cleaning, or have questions about the schedule, please call us at 587-988-0039.

What do you need to prepare for your wheelie bin cleaning?

Firstly, you must make sure your wheelie bins are completely empty of debris until after they have been cleaned. We won’t be able to clean them if they are full of garbage again! Once we clean them, we will send you a notification so you can start filling them up again.

Secondly, you have to make sure that your wheelie bins are visible to our drivers when they arrive at your house. They can be at the top of your driveway, to the side of your driveway or next to your house or garage. Please make sure they are not locked away behind a fence or inside your garage. Our drivers will not enter closed gates to get your bins.

After your waste has been picked up, you don’t have to leave your bins out on the curb. In fact, some municipalities require you to remove your bins off of the street by a specific time in accordance to bylaws. BinBinCleaned will walk up your driveway or to the side of your house or garage to get your dirty bins. We will wheel them down to the street to our truck, clean them using our state-of-the-art wheelie bin cleaning process, and then put them back where we found them.

If your wheelie bins are located in an alley, please make sure you put your address on your bins. You can simply write your address on a piece of tape and place it on the bin so we can be sure those bins are yours.

You are welcome to come watch our trucks in action as they clean your bins, but as long as we can see where your bins are, we don’t need your assistance. We take care of everything for you while you’re at work or while you relax inside the house! Read more about spring Bin Cleaning Services in Edmonton

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