About BinBinCleaned Inc.

Alberta’s premier wheelie bin cleaning service.

We all know that garbage wheelie bins are disgusting when the temperature gets above freezing this problem just gets worse.

We wanted to find a way to keep our kids and pets safe from the pests and bacteria that thrive in the wheelie trash bins.

After trying several methods to get our trash bins cleaned including, at home on the driveway or lawn, or at the local carwash, we found that all we did was spread the garbage and bacteria all over our properties and didn’t actually eliminate the problem, even washing at the carwash left us soaked in trash bin juice.

There had to be a better more efficient and contained system to perform this task.

We spent over two years researching worldwide to come up with a solution. We came across a system that uses very little water, very high temperature, eliminating the need for harmful chemicals, and provides curbside convenience with no mess.

We incorporated this industry leading technology into our fleet of trucks to bring you the best service in the industry at an affordable price.

…..And that is how BinBinCleaned Inc. was born!

The company is locally owned and operated. With strong community ties, we believe in employing locally and keeping Alberta Strong.

The owners built this business on a dedication to customer service, providing state of the art cleaning systems, and prompt reliable cleaning service.


Wheelie Bin Cleaning - Before & After

Wheelie Bin Cleaning – Before & After

BinBinCleaned Wheelie Bin Cleaning Truck With Wheelie Bins Raised

BinBinCleaned Wheelie Bin Cleaning Truck With Wheelie Bins Raised

What Sets BinBinCleaned Apart

  • Our equipment uses the most efficient heads in the industry designed originally to clean food grade production vessels.
  • BinBinCleaned’s truck-mounted systems provide greater public safety due to being more maneuverable on residential streets than truck and trailer combinations.
  • All units are equipped with highly visible lighting and back-up cameras.
  • We use only hot water wash systems to kill bacteria most effectively.
  • All trucks are equipped with state of the art GPS monitoring and dispatching systems.
  • Easy to use and transparent order system with customer completion notifications.

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