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Everyone loves winning free things and having fun while you do it! We sure do! We also love giving back to our loyal clients! What better way is than to run a promotion or two?

Here is where you will find all of our current contests and promotions.

We challenge you to have fun with our very first giveaway! Win your wheelie bin cleanings for free! Everyone has at least one Social Media account, some of you even have several. Then start considering how many people are in your home and how many accounts everyone has together! More accounts mean more chances to win free cleanings. Show us some love and enter for a chance to win your bins cleaned for free!

Our Share and Win Free Cleaning Contest!

Contest – Free Cleaning

BinBinClean is proud to launch it’s very first contest! Win free cleaning of your wheelie bins!
From now until the end of November you will have a chance to win!
Weekly we are giving away a free single wheelie bin cleaning. This will include one trip to your home to clean 1 to 4 bins.

Monthly we are giving away 1 full 2018 season wheelie bin cleaning service.

On the left side of every page on the BinBinCleaned website, you will see a vertical line of “Share This Page” social media links.
Click any of those links to share the BinBinCleaned home page on any of your social media platforms.
Here is the trick? Are you ready to find out how many ways you can enter into our contest for free cleaning?

We want this to be fun for everyone! So every week you can share the BinBinCleaned homepage across all your social media platforms. You can have a maximum of five entries per week. One for each of the five listed social media platforms.

After the weekly draw, all entries will be automatically entered into that month’s draw and you start again the following week. This allows for a maximum of twenty entries per month. Four for each of the five listed social media platforms.

Don’t worry if you enter too many times, we will make sure you don’t go above the limit.

Contest entry submission limits will be calculated based on name, email address, and social media profile name.

Now before you ask and we know you will! Two people live in the house? Two different email addresses? Two different social media pages? Then we guess you might just have doubled your chances to win!

Please note. We will be randomly visiting all of these to verify the entry. Plus the winners will also be verified. If at any point any share is deleted, you will be disqualified, and a new winner will be chosen.
Please have fun with this one! This could be the first of many contests if everyone finds creative ways to win free cleaning!

NOTE: The Catch! There is always a catch, but we think you will be okay with it. Contest winners must be in our service areas.

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