Calgary Green Cart Cleaning & Scheduling      

Green cart cleaning comes to Calgary.

This summer, the City of Calgary rolled out it’s green carts enabling Calgarians to add compost and organics to their waste collection schedule. This easy and convenient program allows you to dispose of all your food and yard waste, minimizing that type of waste in the local landfills by turning it into nutrient-rich compost at the City’s new indoor composting facility.

This new program is awesome, but it does mean you will have another bin of waste sitting in the heat this summer. You can find a complete list of what you can put in your Calgary green cart. It includes plate scrapings, raw meat, fish, poultry, shellfish and bones, fruits and veggies, eggs, dairy products, cooking fats, food soiled paper products, animal bedding, animal waste, yard waste and other spoiled food products. Imagine the disgusting, rotting stench and bacteria-ridden grime that comes with storing this type of waste in the heat all week. The new green compost cart, along with the black and blue bins, will be in desperate need of a professional green cart cleaning.

When you sign up for a green cart washing with BinBinCleaned, we will arrive after your waste has been collected to wash out your green compost cart, black trash and blue recycling bins. We will raise your carts into our truck’s hopper and blast them out with high-pressure water heated at 190 degrees Fahrenheit. This will make sure all that goop and any bacteria living in it will be destroyed and removed. Then your carts and bins will be disinfected and deodorized, safe and clean for your family and pets.

Changes to waste collection dates in Calgary.

Calgary’s green carts have been delivered to most Calgary neighbourhoods, but a few neighbourhoods are still waiting delivery. You can find out the delivery dates for your community here. Keep in mind that these delivery dates are tentative and could change.

Once your green carts have arrived, you will have a change in your waste pick up schedule. To be sure of your waste collection schedule, call the City at 311. Here are some details on how your schedule has changed or will be changing:

  • Green carts will be picked up every week on the same day as your blue recycling cart. The pick ups are more frequent due to the heat and the smell.
  • Blue recycling bins will be picked up every week along with your green cart.
  • Black garbage carts will be picked up once every two weeks. This is because more than half of your garbage is compostable and will now be disposed of in the green carts. Keep in mind that your black carts will be picked up on a different day than your green and blue carts.

Since your black carts will be schedule for pick up on a different day than your compost and recycling bins, BinBinCleaned will create a schedule for your black, blue and green cart cleaning that will ensure all your carts are cleaned on the appropriate day. When you book our service, be sure to book it for after you have received your green carts and after each waste collection date.

Book your black, blue and green cart cleaning in Calgary today!