Caring for Carts Between Organic Cart Cleaning Days

Calgary organic cart cleaning & care.

If you live in Calgary, you’ve recently received a brand-new green organic cart! This new cart will allow you to trim your trash. Instead of all that food and yard waste going into a nearby landfill, it will go to the City of Calgary’s new composting facility. Great news!

Unfortunately, without regular organic cart cleaning, that wheelie bin is going to get foul – fast! Plate scrapings, spoiled dairy, rotting raw meat scraps and bones and yard clippings sitting in a cart, in the heat of summer, can become a disgusting habitat for all kinds of bacteria and pests.

You can book a professional cart cleaning and we will come once each month in the spring, summer and fall to clean, sanitize and deodorize your black, blue and green organic cart. When you sign up for our service, we will arrive within 36 hours of your waste pick-up to clean your carts. Keep in mind that if you live in Calgary, your organic cart is picked up on a different day than your black garbage bin. You can learn about your waste pick up schedule here.

While you’re waiting for your next black, blue or green organic cart cleaning service, there are some things you can do to help minimize the grime, goop and stench.

Tips for keeping those gross carts cleaner:

Store your garbage, recycling and organic cart in a shaded, cool spot.

Things like to rot and stink in the heat, so the cooler the better. Keep in mind that you must not store your carts inside the garage or behind a fenced area on the day of your organic cart cleaning. Your carts need be visible and not behind a closed gate so our drivers can get them.

Dump your food scraps on top of your yard clippings.

If you’re able to, put your grass and yard clippings in your organic cart first. When you put raw meat scraps, spoiled food or rotting veggies on the bottom of your bin, it’s more likely to get stuck there. This debris will get very stinky and gross, especially without organic cart cleaning. Putting it on top of fresh grass clippings will help keep less of it stuck inside your cart.

Use certified compostable bags.

Some people might choose to line their organic cart with compostable bags. Keep in mind that these bags must be certified compostable and NOT biodegradable or plastic. Compostable bags are made from food products like corn starch and can completely break down. Biodegradable bags are made of plastic and will only break down into little pieces, not returning to the earth entirely. If you’re not sure, check for the certified compostable logo!


Sign up for monthly blue, black and green organic cart cleaning.

When we come to clean your carts, we will first spray your empty carts with a biodegradable, environmentally-friendly pre-soak solution that will help break up the gunk inside. Then we will pressure wash the outside of your carts along with the lid and top rim.

Then your carts are lifted into the back of our truck so they can be blasted with a jet of 190°F water, engulfing the entire interior surface. This ensures that all the grime, dirt and bacteria is removed from your bin. That dirty water is collected in our hopper (not dumped into the storm water drainage) and hauled away.

Your bins will be lowered and inspected. To finish off the job, we will mist your carts with an eco-friendly disinfectant and deodorizer, inside and out. You will be left with a clean, disinfected, fresh-smelling cart and no mess on your property!

Book a garbage and organic cart cleaning today!