Don’t Hire Cold Water Wheelie Bin Washers

Wheelie bin washers that use cold water are not effective.

In order for hot water to actually kill bacteria, it has to be 140 degrees Fahrenheit or hotter. To put it into perspective, Food and Drug Administration in the U.S. calls for a wash solution temperature of 110 degrees for washing dishes by hand in a commercial food establishment. This water temperature would feel too uncomfortable for you hands, but it still wouldn’t actually be hot enough to kill most germs. If you have to have water so hot just to wash dishes, which have far less bacteria than what is thriving in your garbage and compost wheelie bins, imagine how hot the water used by wheelie bin washers has to be to actually kill those yucky germs.

This is why  BinBinCleaned uses scalding hot water to wash out and destroy all the bacteria that has been thriving in your garbage and compost. The water we use is heated to 190 degrees Fahrenheit. This water is blasted into your wheelie bins, completely engulfing the inside of them, rinsing any harmful germs into our hopper to be removed from your property.

If you are considering hiring wheelie bin washers, ask them how hot the water is that they are using. If it is not 140°F or hotter (the hotter the better), than their service is not effective in actually cleaning and disinfecting your bins. If they claim that cold water is effective in ridding your bins of bacteria, that is simply not true.

We also know that cleaning out your bins with the icy cold water that comes out of your garden hose is not killing any bacteria. The build up of rotting vegetables, raw meat scraps, baby diapers, dog doo-doo and other garbage is the perfect place for harmful bacteria to thrive. Unfortunately, your garden hose is no match for the massive population of germs inhabiting your wheelie bins and you should trust the job to professional wheelie bin washers.

Wheelie Bin Cleaning | BinBinCleaned

Before and after a professional wheelie bin cleaning service.

Why should I care about the bacteria in my wheelie bins?

Bacteria is everywhere. Some types of bacteria we can live with, some are even good for us, but the type of bacteria that thrives in rotting compost and trash is not the good kind. Raw bits of meat, rotting dairy products and some vegetables can be home to bacteria that can make your family and pets very sick. Salmonella, Listeria and E. coli are among these harmful bacteria. Wheelie bin washers will ensure your bins are professionally cleaned and disinfected properly, keeping your family and pets safe from these nasty germs.

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