Garbage bin cleaning without the use of harmful chemicals.

When it comes to cleaning out those stinky, sludge covered waste carts, most would turn straight to bleach or other strong chemical cleaners. The grime left from meat, dairy and other food scraps, household trash and smelly waste, becomes the perfect breeding ground for bacteria and pests. To kill that bacteria and disinfect those garbage carts, some garbage bin cleaning companies might use some pretty harsh cleaners, but that is not necessary.

BinBinCleaned uses environmentally-friendly Naturama™ natural cleaning products from Orcan Solutions, a local Alberta company based out of Nisku. These products are made using green chemistry technologies including cleaner processes, safer raw materials and provide safer, effective product offerings.  In fact, their products have been certified by the U.S Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) based on these 12 principles of green chemistry.

Eco-friendly products and extremely hot water does the trick!

When we come to provide your garbage bin cleaning service, we will first use an biodegradable pre-soak solution that will help break down that caked-on-grime that layers the inside of your waste carts. Then your carts are lifted over dual axis 360° rotating jet heads. A jet of 190°F water will engulf the entire interior surface, blasting away all that stinky dirt and destroying all signs of bacteria. The hot water is a key component of killing that harmful bacteria.

Once the bins are lowered, we use a Naturama™ deodorizer inside and out of your bin. This water-based product is designed to neutralize offensive odours (and few odours are as offensive as what’s omitting from your garbage bins), are fast-acting, non-toxic and non-volatile.

DIY issues with using bleach and chemical cleaners.

Before a professional garbage bin cleaning service came to Calgary, homeowners might have used a garden hose and a bottle of bleach to clean out their dirty bins. There are a few problems with this solution. First, icy cold water from a garden hose will not kill any bacteria. Second, you are not allowed to rinse those chemicals down the driveway and into the storm drainage system.

In fact, it is against the City of Calgary’s drainage bylaws to do so and could land you a hefty fine. The water that flows into our gutters and down the sewer drains is treated and put back into the river. These chemicals can contaminate this water, which is bad for the waterways and for our drinking water. Also, whatever goes down the street drain also feeds into storm ponds and man-made lakes that are used for family recreation including swimming and paddle boating.

It’s important not to pollute our drainage systems and contaminate our water. These drains are meant for rain water and melting snow, not chemical-filled rinse water. Fines range from $75 to $10,000 and/or remedial orders. Learn more about complying with municipal bylaws.

Even though the rinse water that comes from your carts when you have them professionally cleaned is eco-friendly, we still won’t dump it on your property or down the storm drainage system. We will haul it away in our truck, leaving you with nothing but squeaky clean, fresh garbage bins…and a good conscience knowing you cleaned them the environmentally friendly way!

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