Sherwood Park Garbage Bin Cleaning Service

If you live in Sherwood Park, you’ve had the garbage, organics and recycling collection program for many years now. You’ve become a pro at sorting your recycling, trash and compostable materials into your large wheelie bins. The summer is over now and your carts have gone through a season of rotting waste, sweltering in the heat and producing one of the foulest odours you’ve ever experienced. It’s time for a garbage bin cleaning.

BinBinCleaned is the only garbage cart cleaning services available in Strathcona County and we promise that we can get your yucky bins cleaner than you ever could with a garden hose. Consider hiring our cleaning service this fall so you can start the winter with sparkly-clean, fresh-smelling bins that are completely free of stink and harmful bacteria.

What do I need to do when I book garbage bin cleaning?

Book the cleaning service online.

When you book your wheelie bin cleaning service online, make sure you select what type of bin you need cleaned (garbage, compost or both) and tell us when your waste collection dates with the county are scheduled. We will come to clean your garbage bins AFTER your waste has been picked up. We will be there within 36 hours from when your waste was collected. If you want to schedule a last-minute cleaning, just call us at 587-988-0039. We would be happy to accommodate you if we are in your area.

Make sure your bins are empty and visible.

We can’t clean out your bins unless they are empty. You also must make sure your drivers can see your organics and garbage bins. They can be to the side of your driveway, next to your house or garage or at the top of your driveway, but not behind closed gates. You don’t have to leave them on the curb. We have no problem walking up your driveway to get your bins, as long as they’re accessible.

The Garbage Bin Cleaning Process

First, we make sure your bins are empty and if we need to, we will spray a biodegradable, pre-soak to help break up that baked on grime. We will wash the outside of your bin with a pressure washer.

Calgary Garbage Cart CleaningThen your bins will be raised into our truck over the 360 ° rotating jets. Water heated at 190°F will be blasted into your bins, removing all dirt and killing all bacteria.

Finally, we will lower your bins and inspect them. The process is completed by misting each bin with an eco-friendly disinfectant that will give them a pleasant smell. All of the dirty water and anything blasted out of your bin will be trapped in our truck’s hopper and hauled away.

You’ll be left with spotless, odour-free, sanitized bins with no mess on your property.

Book your garbage bin cleaning today!