Each week, you put your garbage and organic wheelie bins out for your waste pickup. If you live in municipalities like Leduc, organics cart cleaning is also available to you. You’ll enjoy the convenience of our bin cleaning service, as it can be scheduled in the spring, summer and fall months following your waste collection schedule.

Where do my bins need to be for pickup & cleaning?

Waste pickup: You put out your bins on the street in front of the sidewalk or your driveway, back wheels in the gutter, for waste pickup. Other bins and parked cars must be at least 1 metre away from each cart. The same rules apply for back alley collection.

Organics cart cleaning: You do not have to leave your wheelie bins on the street for your garbage cart cleaning. They can be back on your driveway, beside the house or garage. Our drivers will walk up the driveway and bring them down to the curb for cleaning. Just make sure they aren’t behind a fence or locked up. We won’t go into a closed gate to get your carts.

If your garbage carts are picked up in a back alley, you can leave them there for your organics cart cleaning. Just make sure you have your address written somewhere on the bin, like on a piece of tape, so we are sure which ones to clean.

Where can I store my carts?

In most jurisdictions, your wheelie bins will have to be removed from the curb after a certain period. For example, the City of Leduc requires that you remove your carts from the curb within 24 hours of collection. That’s why it’s okay if you put your carts back up the driveway and why BinBinCleaned will walk up and get them for cleaning.

As mentioned, we can’t clean your carts if they’re behind a closed gate or in a garage or shed. You will also have to pull your garbage and organic carts back and forth from the curb each week, so you want to make sure they are accessible. That means clearing debris in the summer and snow from your driveway or back lane is essential. Since BinBinCleaned doesn’t operate in the winter months, you won’t have to worry about snow removal on your organics cart cleaning day, but we’d appreciate it if the bins were easy to get to.

Most cities will ask that you store your carts a reasonable distance from the public sidewalk to minimize the view of your garbage bins from the street. In the summer, you might notice your carts start to stink and that you can even smell them from the street! That’s when you know it’s time to book your cart cleaning service.

When can I book my garbage and organics cart cleaning service?

BinBinCleaned offers wheelie bin cleaning services in the early spring through late fall. Unfortunately, we don’t run our trucks in the winter. The cold causes things to freeze and the hot water we use might crack your frozen bins. You will be able to book your service in the spring. In the meantime, feel free to email us with any questions you might have!