Black, blue and green cart cleaning is a brand-new service to Calgary.

Since the City of Calgary started rolling out their organics cart program, the need for a professional cart cleaning service has become apparent.

green cart cleaning Calgary | BinBinCleanedWhen you take organic materials like raw meat scraps, rotting veggies and table scrapings, dog doo-doo, spoiled dairy and other stinky stuff, put them in a bin and let it bake in the sun…you’re left with a sweltering, stinky, bacteria-ridden cart. Many Calgary households complained of maggot infestations in their new carts and green cart cleaning was desperately needed!

That’s where BinBinCleaned came in. We are a professional wheelie bin cleaning company that offers a monthly service for cleaning out your black, blue and green carts. We operate in the spring, summer and fall because that’s when it is hot out and your carts get the nastiest. Plus, the freezing temperatures in the wintertime make cart cleaning difficult on our trucks and could damage your bins.

As most Calgary households have received their new green carts, or are about to, we invite you to try out our service before the winter comes! We are offering a one-time service to finish off the season and will clean up to three carts. Since you won’t be able to get your blue, black or green carts clean all winter long, it’s a good idea to start the season fresh!

“Everyone needs this service in their life! Our bin smelled like something literally died in it. After they were done with it it looked and smelled brand new again. Worth.every.penny!” – Jessica Nash, Facebook Review.

Not sure when your green cart is coming? Check out the City of Calgary’s deliver schedule.

The Green Cart Cleaning Process

When you schedule your carts to be cleaned, BinBinCleaned will arrive at your house with one of our custom-made garbage cart cleaning trucks. After making sure your bins are empty of trash and compost, we will spray your carts with a biodegradable, eco-friendly breakup solution to help break up that baked on grime. We will use a pressure washer to spray down the outside of your carts, lid and top rim.

Then the fun green cart cleaning begins! Your carts will be lifted up to our truck and raised over the dual axis, 360-degree rotating jet heads that will blast 190°F, completely engulfing the inside of your bins. We have to use water this hot to actually kill harmful bacteria that is living in your carts. That is why washing it down with a garden hose just doesn’t cut it.

Once this is done, we will lower your bins and inspect them. You’ll be amazed how clean they will look! Then we will mist your carts with an environmentally friendly disinfectant and deodorizer inside and out.

green cart cleaning

The important thing is that all of the dirt, bacteria and filthy water from your bin will be collected in our hopper and hauled away, not left on your property or dumped into the storm drainage system. You’ll be left with no mess, just sparkling clean, like-new, fresh-as-a-daisy carts!

Don’t let your carts stay disgusting all winter long! Book your black, blue and green cart cleaning today!