Innovations in Wheelie Bin Cleaning

What have you crying out for a wheelie bin cleaning service? It’s that rotten-egg stench. Neighbours strolling by your house on a warm summer night start to disappear, and that onerous smell remains.

Your search for the offender as subtly as you can. Your head swivels, and you’re hit with the stench again. It’s so strong, you swear it’s somewhere near your property. You nonchalantly start sniffing around your yard…Wait a minute: It is your yard! But you emptied the garbage this week! And you rinsed out the waste bins with hot water!

It’s like this. What you drop into your wheelie bins can directly affect how your home smells in more ways than just your bin odour. Sadly, water from the garden hose doesn’t cut it.

Contamination problems start inside those wheelie bins parked outside residential homes or hidden away in garages. Yet, if you peer inside a dirty container with a small amount of wet food waste, you can see how the refuse infects the entire contents of the bin. Trash smells just like an outhouse filled with disposable nappies, food waste or leftover cat food. Rinsing out the bins with fly spray, disinfectant and bleach barely decrease the contamination – or the stench.

BinBinCleaned uses jet water streams at 190 degrees F to blast away the dirt and bacteria for proper wheelie bin cleaning.

Improperly stored waste can become a nuisance when there is too much garbage that has broken open and not been cleaned up. Refuse also attracts wildlife like squirrels and coyotes looking for food. And what about the mosquitos? Their larvae love to hatch in standing water.

If you have a company coming over, you may want to check the odour on your property. It’s real and it’s offensive.

Wheelie bin cleaning requires a little bit of effort to stay on top of things. If you check your municipality’s website most will have helpful tips.

The City of Calgary has quite a bit of information online.

Here is some tips from various municipalities.

The City of Calgary

Wheelie Bins

To prevent your garbage from being opened by scavengers or blowing onto your neighbour’s property:

  • Hire a wheelie bin cleaning company like BinBinCleaned
  • Always keep bins closed except when loading and unloading
  • Call to have damaged or broken bins replaced or repair quickly
  • Sharp objects must be packaged in a puncture-resistant, non-breakable container with a tight-fitting lid before being placed in a container or a plastic garbage bag.
  • All waste must be placed in proper garbage containers with handles and lids (max. 100 litres), or in a standard plastic garbage bag.
  • If the compost is sticking in your green bin, line the bottom with crumpled up newspaper.
  • If you have an order challenge with your black bin, sprinkle a little baking soda into it. Later rinse with water and pour onto the grass, not down the drain.

Garbage Collection

Each municipality has their own unique pickup schedule. The City of Calgary suggests you prepare for yours in these ways.

  • Garbage should be set out by 7 a.m. on your collection day, but not before 7 p.m. the day before and be removed no later than 7 p.m. on collection day.
  • Garbage bags, containers, and their contents must weigh no more than 20 kg (44 lbs.) combined.
  • Ensure a clear line of access to your bins on collection days.
  • Always fill your cart first before putting out any additional garbage bags.

The City of Edmonton

What About Wasps Around Your Waste

Minimize the risk of wasp stings for yourself and your neighbours:

  • Ensure garbage bags are tied up and cans are covered with lids
  • Keep waste storage area clean
  • Bag empty wine crates as wasps are attracted to sugar and alcohol
  • Remove wasp nests from garbage areas as soon as they are discovered
  • Use wasp traps to distract them from the garbage area
  • Pick up all apples from lawns
  • If you have a compost pile, make sure to turn it regularly, keep it wet and always cover fresh waste such as apples and vegetables with dry leaves or soil

The other way is to keep bins clean in the first place. If you don’t have the time to properly clean your bins, you can have them cleaned in minutes by trained professionals.

BinBinCleaned Inc. | Professional Wheelie Bin Cleaning Services

BinBinCleaned Inc. | Professional Wheelie Bin Cleaning Services

BinBinCleaned Wheelie Bin Cleaning Service

Here’s what BinBinCleaned does for customers:

  • Outfit trucks to trap dirt and bacteria in a hopper;
  • Haul away crap;
  • Pre-soak empty wheelie bins with an environmentally friendly breakup solution;
  • Pressure wash the outside of the bin, along with the lid and top rim;
  • Jetstream 190 degrees F water to cover the inside to blast away the dirt and bacteria.

BinBinCleaned is all about Great Neighbourhoods. And saying a friendly, “Hello,” to friends who stroll by your home. Please check our blog regularly to see more information from the various municipalities BinBinClean services.