Leave Wheelie Bin Cleaning to the Pros – Part 2: Bacteria & Pests

If you’re thinking that wheelie bin cleaning is a simple DIY job, read our series on why this job is best done by professionals with the proper equipment.  In this blog, we talk about the harmful bacteria and disgusting pests that can contaminate and grow in your filthy garbage and compost bins. Not only does this rank high on the icky factor, it can also be hazardous to the health of you, your family and your pets.

Professional Wheelie Bin Cleaning Removes Bacteria

Bacteria can be found everywhere including our food, kitchens, bathrooms and especially in your wheelie bin. When you’re preparing meals, food scraps from raw meat, eggs and vegetables go straight into the compost. Some of these food scraps could contain bacteria that is harmful to your health. Once it goes into your wheelie bin, it can contaminate it.

Listeria: is a type of bacteria found in all types of meat and poultry, fish and some vegetables. Unlike other bacteria, it can actually start to grow in your refrigerator at a cooler temperature and then spread once it gets into your outdoor trash can.

Salmonella: These bacteria can cause nausea, headaches, fever, diarrhea and vomiting. It can be found in raw meat, poultry, eggs and raw milk. That means the little scraps of fat and raw meat your trimmed off your roast or bits of egg shells you chucked in the compost could have salmonella in it. Put it in the hot sun and watch it grow

E. Coli: Every now and then you hear of a food recall due to e. Coli. Chuck these products or other e. Coli infected meats or veggies, and you can contaminate your wheelie bins. E. coli symptoms include tummy cramps, vomiting and fatigue.

BinBinCleaned are professional wheelie bin washers that use extreme heat to destroy the harmful bacteria that could be lurking in your bins. In fact, the water used to blast away those germs is heated to 190 degrees Fahrenheit. You simply cannot get the same results from a garden hose or pressure washer. Learn about the process of professional wheelie bin cleaning.

Insects and Pests Thrive in Dirty Wheelie Bins

Think of the things you are chucking in your garbage can and compost bins. Chicken carcasses, dirty diapers, dog doo-doo bags and organic plant matter. Not only do these things provide the perfect habitat for billions of bacteria, they are also the prime breeding grounds for nasty insects and pests.

We’ve heard on the news recently that Calgary residents have found their green bins crawling with maggots. The bacteria combined with the summer heat makes your wheelie bin the perfect home for these creepy pests. Though it isn’t a common problem and maggots will not harm you, it is still something that can be eradicated with professional wheelie bin cleaning.

Read why cleaning out your trash and compost bins with a garden hose doesn’t cut it and stay tuned for the next article in this series. It will be about municipal bylaws and why rinsing chemicals, including household bleach. If you want to sign up for our service, contact BinBinCleaned today!