Leave Wheelie Bin Cleaning to the Pros – Part 3: Municipal Bylaws

Wheelie bin cleaning for do-it-yourselfers is not a quick and easy job. There are a few things to consider. In this blog series, we’ve covered why the garden hose doesn’t cut it and harmful bacteria and pests that thrive in your garbage and compost bins. You should also consider that your local municipality will have bylaws around drainage, including whatever chemical you use to rinse and disinfect your bins.

DIY Wheelie Bin Cleaning Might Not Comply with Waste Water Bylaws

What you let run down your driveway and into the gutter will go into the drainage system. These systems are designed to channel storm water. That means whatever you wash down the storm drains will end up in our rivers and could potentially contaminate drinking water. Whatever goes down the street drain also feeds into storm ponds and man-made lakes that are used for family recreation including swimming and paddle boating. It’s important that this water is not polluted with harmful mater.

In most jurisdictions, the following materials are prohibited from entering the storm drainage system: soil, waste, animal waste, fecal matter, cooking oils, greases, gasoline, motor oil, mechanical fluids, solvents, paint, cement, pesticides, biomedical waste, bleach, soaps, detergent and hazardous waste.

That means if you use bleach, detergent, soap or other chemicals to clean and disinfect your wheelie bin, you cannot rinse it out on your driveway or sidewalk. If your plan was to bleach out your compost bin, you will have to pour the bleach water out on your lawn or into a receptacle and take it to an eco-centre for proper disposal. Since no one wants to kill their lawn with bleach or soap and a trip to the eco-centre is less than convenient, professional wheelie bin cleaning is the logical choice.

Depending on where you live, the fine for violations of these regulations can range between $75 and $3000 for the first offence. Save time, money and keep our drinking water clean by calling BinBinCleaned to do the job for you.

Professional Wheelie Bin Cleaning Keeps Chemicals Out of the Drainage System

When you call the pros at BinBinCleaned to wash out your wheelie bins, you don’t have to worry about violating any bylaws. Your bins will be raised up and inserted partially into one of our truck hoppers. Then a jet of 190 °F water will engulf the entire interior surface, blasting off all that dirt and garbage sludge.

Since the bins are face down into our hopper, all of the waste water will be collected in our trucks and hauled away. You don’t have to worry about any dirty water getting into the storm drainage system and the solution we use to pre-soak your bins is completely biodegradable and environmentally friendly. Once the bins are lowered, they will be disinfected and deodorized with no harmful chemicals entering the drainage system.

Learn more about the wheelie bin cleaning process and be sure to read the other blogs in this series: Garden Hose Doesn’t Cut It and Bacteria and Pests.

To have your bins professionally cleaned, call in the pros at BinBinCleaned: 587-988-0039.