What to do in the wheelie bin cleaning off-season?

Having your wheelie bins cleaned by professionals is the only way to truly rid your compost and garbage bins of bacteria, stuck-on goop and rotting slime. This is especially important in the summer when the composting organics and trash starts to heat up and swelter in the sun. Yuck!

Unfortunately, BinBinCleaned does not offer wheelie bin cleaning in the cold winter months. This is because the hot water we use could crack your icy bins and our trucks have trouble operating in the extreme cold. Plus, the grime in your bins will be frozen so that helps minimize the stink.

Still, every time you dump your steaming table scraps, bits of raw meat, egg shells and other rotting organics into that compost wheelie bin, a bit (or a lot) of it gets stuck to the bottom and the sides. Since it’s going to freeze in the winter, that disgusting sludge is going to accumulate onto the sides of your bin leaving a foul mess each time it thaws.

Protect Your Compost Bins with Compostable Bags

A good solution for keeping the guck build-up to a minimum this winter, until we can come and give your carts a good wheelie bin cleaning in the early spring, is to use paper or certified compostable bags inside your compost bin. If you choose to use a compostable bag, it’s critical that you use the right one! Never use a plastic bag and steer clear of biodegradable bags too.

There is a big difference between certified compostable bags and biodegradable bags.

·  Are made from a food by-product such as corn starch and breaks down into compost.

·  Are usually opaque and feel softer than plastic bags.

·  The bags must have the certified compostable logo as seen below

·   Are made with plastic that breaks up into small pieces but does not decompose.

·   Contaminate the final compost, making the whole batch un-usable.

·   Can be used for waste in the black garbage cart, but not the green organics cart.

Using compostable bags or paper to line your green organics cart will help minimize the frozen build-up of organic material and will help make your wheelie bins a little less disgusting each time the temperature warms up enough to thaw it out.

Make sure you book your LAST wheelie bin cleaning this fall before that cold weather comes in for good. We are still offering our service until the temperature drops and are serving your neighbourhood. Book your service here: https://www.binbincleaned.com/binbincleaned-services/