The need for professional organic cart cleaning grows.

The City of Calgary was the most recent to join the number of Alberta municipalities that offer a compost cart pick-up service for organic waste. Not only does this help homeowners better sort their waste and throw less into the garbage cart, it also means less waste is going into the landfill. If you live in a community that has an extensive waste pick up program, you likely have three carts that will need to be maintained and cleaned: recycling, garbage and an organics cart.

Having these carts means that you have one more thing on your property that you are responsible for keeping clean. Professional garbage and organic cart cleaning can be a real-time saver for busy homeowners who would rather spend their time with family or relaxing over scrubbing out the sludge that coats the inside of their waste carts. Even if they did have the time, no one (except for us of course) wants to do that dirty job.

DIY garbage and organic cart cleaning isn’t effective in removing harmful bacteria from your carts. You need water heated to at least 140 degrees Fahrenheit to even kill the bacteria and city bylaws restrict any cleaning chemicals or bleach from being rinsed into the storm drainage system. If your waste carts are omitting a putrid odour that can be smelled from the street, you should consider giving a professional cart cleaning service a try.

Pros of professional garbage and organic cart cleaning services.

If you’ve been neglecting the state of your waste carts, you’re likely in dire need of a good cleaning. Imagine the bacteria that must live in those bins after a hot summer of raw meat, spoiled diary, dog poop, table scraps and other refuse stewing in the heat. You could very well have a micro civilization of mould-dwelling bacteria, some of which that can cause some serious illness for your family and pets. Learn more about the harmful bacteria that can be contaminating your carts. 

While the garbage and organic carts might be the most foul, your recycling bin can benefit from a good cart cleaning too. They may be sticky and stained from leftover juice and food scraps that didn’t quite get rinsed out of cans and cartons. Not only can it get stinky and dirty, it can attract bugs like flies and ants. That’s why BinBinCleaned offers a cleaning service for up to three carts a visit, including your recycling cart.

Here’s why professional garbage and organic cart cleaning is better than DIY:

  • It’s a dirty job and you really would rather not do it. We get that!
  • We use rotating jets that will completely engulf the interior of your carts. No grime or slime will be left behind. Even a pressure washer at home can’t get the same results.
  • We use water heated to 190 degrees Fahrenheit to ensure that all bacteria is eliminated from your carts. An icy cold rinse from a garden hose just doesn’t cut it.
  • We use 100% environmentally friendly, biodegradable products to clean your bin. You don’t have to worry about harmful chemicals on your property.
  • We haul off the dirty water in our trucks hopper, so you don’t have to worry about dealing with that disgusting water either.
  • Your bins will be deodorized and sanitized and instead of smelling like something died in there, they’ll smell like cherries!

Don’t wait until winter hits! Hire your recycling, garbage and organic cart cleaning today!