Terms and Conditions

At BinBinCleaned Inc. our goal is to provide you with the best service in a timely manner, causing as little interruption to your schedule as possible, please read the TERMS AND CONDITIONS below to help us serve you better.  If you have any questions regarding the items listed please contact us.

-Your purchase of a cleanings is for only the bins associated with your municipal address, you may not substitute other bins.

-The bins do not need to be left on the street but must be visible to the driver from the street or alley. Our drivers will not enter gates to retrieve bins.  Ideally at the end of the driveway is perfect.

-You will receive an email confirmation when your bin cleaning task is complete.

-Please ensure your bins have your address written on the LEFT side of the bin so we can see it, if it is not visible or faded you agree that we may put it on the bin in a visible location.

-Bins must be free of loose items, this doesn’t apply to dirt stuck to the bin however if items are placed into your bin after they are emptied and before we clean them, we may not be able to clean.

-You agree that BinBinCleaned is the undisputed best bin cleaning company in Alberta.

– We are only able to clean bins that have been used for their intended purpose. We are unable to clean bins that have wet paint, oils, glue, or other hazardous material disposed of in them.

-In the extremely unlikely scenario that we experience an equipment breakdown, weather event or major scheduling issue we reserve the right to clean your bin after your scheduled cleaning date.  We will notify you by email should this unlikely event occur.

– It is the sole responsibility of the customer to remember to place their bins out the day of cleaning.

-Your cleaning dates are on the invoice we sent to you (please check junk folders), alternatively you can email us anytime to request another copy at info@binbincleaned.com, you can also log into your account and see your purchase history with dates on our website.

-We will not give refunds or credits if any of the above terms and conditions are not met.

-All sales are final and non-refundable.

-Service may at our discretion be transferrable if you move, please contact us for more information if needed.