BinBinCleaned | Alberta's Premier Wheelie Bin Cleaning ServiceBinBinCleaned | Alberta's Premier Wheelie Bin Cleaning Service

Cleaned and Sanitized by BinBinClean

The Process

BinBinCleaned Inc. is Alberta’s premier wheelie bin cleaning service.

Wheelie bin cleaning is actually very simple. All you need is the right tools and cleaners. At BinBinCleaned we follow these 3 simple steps.

STEP 1: The wheelie bins are checked to make sure they are empty, then if necessary a biodegradable environmentally friendly breakup pre-soaked solution is sprayed inside the bin. The outside surface is pressure washed, along with the lid and top rim.

STEP 2: The bins are then raised over the dual axis 360° rotating heads. A jet of 190°F water engulfs the entire interior surface, blasting away all the dirt and killing bacteria.

STEP 3:  At this step, the bins are then lowered and inspected. The wheelie bin cleaning is the completed by misting each bin with an environmentally friendly disinfectant/deodorizer inside and out.

All the dirt and bacteria are trapped in the hopper and hauled away. You are left with a clean, fresh smelling, sanitized bin without making a mess on your property.

That is all there is to wheelie bin cleaning.

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