Wheelie Bin Cleaning Services in Calgary

Keeping yourself clean and sanitized is not only great for health but also good for the environment you live in. It is our moral duty to keep our neighbourhood and city clean but we can’t just clean the whole city ourselves, right? For that purpose, if you are a citizen of Calgary, it is great news for you that the city is planning to clean and sweep the city streets including road closures, so how about cleaning our bins too? Wouldn’t it be great that you have those dirty bins outside your house cleaned in an automated way?

We at BinBin Cleaned consider it our duty to provide quality wheelie bin cleaning services to the people of Alberta so they can rely on a professional rather than getting messy into the cleaning process by doing it themselves. It is not recommended that you wash those bins yourself because of several reasons, and two of them are:

  1. Germs and bacteria

Do you even know how many harmful bacteria and their types are present in your bins? The amount is enough to make your family members and pets sick if you wash them yourself and dump that dirty water on your lawn where it can somehow track into the house. Not to mention the process, it would be so disgusting when you use a pressure washer to clean them and the water would spray back all over you, with all those germs and bacteria similar to ones on a toilet seat.

  1. It is Illegal

Yes, it may sound weird that how can washing your bins by yourself can be illegal, but it certainly can be. When you wash your bins, you don’t have a container that will suck up all the water from the street, so all that dirty water end up getting into stormwater ponds or man-made lakes, and the authorities have strict laws about it that if you get caught dumping that waste on your streets you may be heavily fined.

How can we help you?

Before understanding how we can help you in this regard, let’s get you through the cleaning process that we opt. First of all, the bins are inspected that if they are empty or not, then a biodegradable solution is sprayed inside the bin and the outside surface is pressure cleaned including the lid. Once the manual operation is performed, it is time to get everything automated; the bins are lifted through a fork and placed upside down over the rotating heads that spray hot fresh water all over the inside to blast away all those contaminants which are then contained in the hopper.

So now you are aware of the process that we opt to wash bins in an environment-friendly method, let’s promote their cause to clean the city of Calgary by not only getting our roads cleaned but also our bins.

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