Garbage Cart Cleaning is worth the investment!

When you take out the trash, you experience a wave of gut-wrenching stench when you open your large compost or garbage wheelie bins. With rotting and spoiled food scraps, poopy diapers and other garbage, it’s no wonder those outdoor bins become a putrid breeding ground for stink and bacteria.

Here are some reasons why you should invest in organic and garbage cart cleaning:

Eliminate the STINK!

You’re just coming home from a lovely walk when you start to smell it. Is it rotting meat? Spoiled milk? Dog doo-doo? It could be all of those things and it’s coming from your very own compost and garbage carts. If you smell it, your neighbours smell it and it’s only going to get worse! BinBinCleaned uses environmentally-friendly cleaners and deodorizers that will leave your black and green carts smelling fresh! These impressive results are only possible with professional garbage cart cleaning.

Kill the BACTERIA!

Food scraps like raw meat, vegetables, eggs and dairy go straight into your compost cart. Bacteria that causes severe illness from food poisoning can live in these food scraps and can contaminate your wheelie bins. When you go to take out the trash, you can bring that bacteria to your next task and put your family and pets at risk. Bacteria found in your organic and garbage cart can include Listeria, Salmonella and E. Coli.

When you book garbage cart cleaning with BinBinCleaned, we will kill all bacteria using water heated at 190 degrees Fahrenheit. No bacteria can survive that. Then we will use an eco-friendly sanitizer on the inside, lid and around the rim.

Deter annoying PESTS!

What is it about rotting trash that lures yucky insects and annoying critters? In the hot summer months, you might experience a maggot infestation in your organics cart. That also means a swarm of buzzing flies around your bins and yard. A professional garbage cart cleaning can get rid of that! Plus, if your garbage isn’t stinking, you’re less likely to attract other pests like rodents and racoons looking for an easy meal.

Not only does professional garbage and green cart cleaning protect your family and home from bacteria and potential health concerns, it also keeps your home from smelling like a heap of trash. Take advantage of our 2017 End of Season Bin Cleaning Special.

End of Season Bin Cleaning Special

Book your last compost or garbage cleaning service before winter hits!

  • Your bin will be cleaned within 36 hours of it being emptied. We follow your waste collection schedule and clean them promptly so you can start using them again.
  • We use clean water, heated at 190°F clean and sanitize your wheelie bin! This will kill all the bacteria living in your bins.
  • Every bin is misted with one of our specially-formulated scents to leave your bin smelling fresher longer.
  • We use only environmentally friendly products in the entire process.
  • Not only are our specially outfitted trucks safer for your neighbourhood, they also allow us to clean your wheelie bins, collect and haul away all the dirty water so no mess is left on your property.
  • Every cleaning comes with our 100% Cleaned Guarantee.

With BinBinCleaned’s End of Season Cleaning Special, your first bin can be cleaned for only $19.99 and each additional bin for an additional $7.99 per wheelie bin.