Curbside Wheelie Bins

Curbside trash, compost and recycling collection is convenient and helps us reduce waste at home. Many of the bedroom communities around Edmonton and Calgary, as well as the City of Calgary itself, have a great wheelie bin collection program. In fact, they provide the wheelie bins and the pickup, you just have to do a little sorting of your waste. Wheelie bin cleaning is also up to you.

Simply put, trash is gross. That’s why we throw it away and get it out of the house. Filling large wheelie bins full of disgusting garbage and letting them sit for a week, sometimes two depending on your waste collection schedule can create a stinky breeding ground for bacteria and attractant for pests. That’s why wheelie bin cleaning in the hot summer months is so important.

Let’s break down what exactly goes into your wheelie bins.

In your garbage bins, you chuck things that can’t be recycled like dirty diapers, doggie bags, soiled drink and food containers, empty personal hygiene containers and sanitary products. Sounds like a recipe for yucky.

Your organics wheelie bin can get even more disgusting. Throw in bits of raw meat and bone, table scrapings, scraps of fruits and veggies, soiled dairy products, fish bones, coffee grounds, cooking oils and other rotting organic waste and combine it with your grass clippings, leaves and plants. This is why you have to be careful of contaminants and harmful bacteria like E Coli, Salmonella and Listeria.

The recycling bin doesn’t get as bad, but if you don’t rinse things properly you can have spills from milk jugs, tuna cans, juice packs and other food containers. These spills can get sticky, attract dirt, flies and other pests.

Consider professional wheelie bin cleaning in the spring.

It’s a dirty job and, quite honestly, we don’t mind doing it! BinBinCleaned offers professional wheelie bin cleaning for your garbage, organics and/or recycling carts. We schedule your cleaning service for right after your waste pickup and will be there within 36 hours to clean your carts. We use water heated at 190 degrees Fahrenheit to kill bacteria and our rotating jet blasters will make your wheelie bins look like they are brand new! Then we will sanitize, deodorize and leave you with fresh smelling bins.

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